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By calling our confidential hotline you can speak to a consultant about your environmental compliance questions. 

(877) ASK-EMAP

Request Assistance 

EMAP is a specialized consulting service of the Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers.  We provide free and confidential environmental compliance assistance to small businesses in Pennsylvania. 

Our EMAP environmental consultants will help you understand how to comply with regulatory requirements and assist with the preparation of plans and permit applications for start-up and existing businesses.

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2019-2020 Agricultural Plan Reimbursement Program

Friday August 16th 2019
Pennsylvania farmers located in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed can apply for money for reimbursement of costs to develop plans for manure management, nutrient management, or erosion and sediment control.   Over $1 Million is available for...
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2019 DEP Small Business Advantage Grant

Friday July 26th 2019
The Pennsylvania DEP's Small Business Advantage Grant program is now open and accepting applications.    The Small Business Advantage Grant (SBAG) is a grant program providing 50 percent matching grants, up to a maximum of $7,000, to enable a...
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Environmental Regulatory Compliance for Small Manufacturers

Monday July 1st 2019
Environmental regulatory compliance is a concern for many small businesses. Whether you are an existing business, or just getting started, it is very important to determine what regulations apply and how to stay in compliance with local, state, and...
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Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant now open

Monday April 29th 2019
The Department of Environmental Protection (Department), Energy Programs Office announced an opportunity to apply for grants under the Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program (AFIG) to improve the Commonwealth's air quality and reduce consumption...
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Occupational and Environmental Regulatory Workshops

Thursday January 24th 2019
Small businesses are often confused with the multitude of regulations that may affect their everday operations.  Here in Pennsylvania, many small businesses are required to meet regulations that are enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health...
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Regulatory Updates

Proposed Rulemaking: Lower Sulfur Content in Fuel Oil

Tuesday July 30th 2019
A proposal has been put forth to lower the sulfur content for No. 2 and lighter commercial fuel oil from the current limit of 500 parts per million (ppm) of sulfur to 15 ppm.  This fuel type is generally sold for and used in residential and...
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New Proposed Fees for Air Quality Permit Applications

Friday April 12th 2019
The Pennsylvania Environmental Quality Board (EQB) has issued a new proposed rulemaking which will affect existing air quality plan approval and operating permit fee schedules. The increased fees and new fee structure will be used to address overall...
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DEP Hazardous Waste Mailing List

Tuesday April 2nd 2019
Are you confused by any changes that may affect Pennsylvania DEP's Hazardous Waste Program?  If so, you can signup to a new email distribution list to periodically learn of any news or announcements concerning the hazardous waste program.  The...
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2019 Dry Cleaner Compliance Calendar

Wednesday January 16th 2019
The 2019 Dry Cleaner Compliance Calendars are now available for Pennsylvania dry cleaners.  These calendars contain recordkeeping forms and checklists that are needed for dry cleaners to comply with state and federal regulations. Once filled out...
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Pennsylvania Diesel Idling Restrictions - Act 124 0f 2008

Tuesday November 6th 2018
The Diesel-Powered Motor Vehicle Idling Act (Act 124 of 2008) seeks to reduce unnecessary idling of the main propulsion engine in diesel-powered motor vehicles, including trucks and buses, by imposing time limits and sign requirements.  Small...
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