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Who is subject to Air Regulations?

The resources below will help you learn about local, state and federal air pollution control regulations and how they apply to your business.

In Pennsylvania, Allegheny and Philadelphia counties have air pollution control regulations separate from the rest of the state.  If your business is in one of those counties, refer to the links below.  Federal air pollution regulations apply to all facilities in the U.S.

Compliance Assistance

Need Help Preparing a Request for Determination (RFD), Plan Approval or Permit Application?

EMAP Can Help. 

CLICK HERE for help with RFDs and Permits. 

Regulatory Process

DEP's Citizen's Guide to DEP Regulations explains the environmental regulatory process in Pennsylvania and provides information on how you can become involved in the regulatory process.

Boiler Regulations

EPA  finalized new regulations for boilers which apply to new and existing boilers of any size.

Natural gas-fired boilers are exempt from the regulations.

Click Here to learn more.

Useful Links

The PA DEP has an Bureau of Air Quality homepage with a regional map, information on new legislation, and links to permits and other favorite topics.

Many forms and applications require you to provide codes classifying the type of business you operate.  You can look up these codes on these websites:

Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC)

North American Industry Classification System (NAIC)

EMAP Resources

Our brochure, EMAP Answers Questions About AIR PERMITS in Pennsylvania, provides answers to some common questions small business owners have about air emissions and permits.

Drycleaners can take advantage of EMAP's special initiative to assist the drycleaning community with compliance issues. Follow this link to read the article.