Green Your Business

Going green: what does it mean?

“Green” and “sustainable” have become two of the most widely used words in the English language. But what do they mean in terms of your business?

Going green means reducing the overall environmental impact of your business. That holistic approach includes compliance issues that protect both you and the environment. When you combine those initiatives with energy efficiency measures that conserve the earth's resources, you make your business more efficient, and reduce costs.

Going green involves four general objectives, which form EMAP’s “Building Block” approach to greening your business:

Energy – Improve efficiency and reduce consumption

Materials – Use sustainable materials and eliminate waste

Assurance – Comply with environmental regulations

Purchasing – Buy green products, equipment and services

Each of these blocks includes a number of specific strategies, ranging from simple improvements you can easily do yourself to more complex projects that may require professional assistance. Visit our Building Blocks pages for more details including checklists of steps you can take and links to more information.

And remember, EMAP consultants are here to help you with free and confidential information, advice and consulting services. Contact us to request assistance, ask questions or schedule a site visit to help you get started.