What is an Energy Assessment?

Also referred to as an energy audit, energy assessments are a terrific way to get a complete picture of your current energy consumption and where you can make improvements.

A professional energy consultant examines every aspect of your business and facility, collects data about energy usage, and makes recommendations for improvements.

Assessments begin with business owners gathering one year's worth of utility bills. The professional assessor will review those bills, looking for usage trends, and comparing energy costs with similar-sized businesses in the area.
The assessor will then schedule an appointment for an on-site visit, to walk through the facility with the owner (or other approved staff) and gather information on the existing lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, equipment, insulation, windows and other appliances.
After completing the walk-through, the assessor will take the information and prepare a report for the business owner, which summarizes his or her findings, and provides recommendations for improvements. Often, these reports will prioritize which items are most 'urgent' and could provide the most significant return on investment. And ideally the assessor can suggest any funding available to help you pay for your projects.
Professional assessors (or auditors) are certified by several different organizations.
EPA’s ENERGY STAR for small businesses provides many tools and resources.