EPA 2017-18 SBIR Open Until December 19th

EPA 2017-18 SBIR Open Until December 19th

Sep 28, 2017
EPA’s 2017-18 SBIR solicitation is now open and will remain open until December 19th.

CLICK HERE for more details on the solication and application process.

Given EPA’s modest budget, they ask that only proposals that are responsive to the following topics be submitted.  The official solicitation will include a more thorough description of the topics and more information on how to apply.

Proposed topics for this year include:

1.            Clean and Safe Water

                A.            Removal of PFOA/PFOS from Drinking Water

                B.            Removal of PFOA/PFOS from Wastewater

                C.            Replacements for PVC and PE Water Pipes

2.            Air Quality

                A.            Capturing Carbon Dioxide from Vehicles

                B.            Converting Carbon Dioxide from Vehicles

                C.            Product Loss Prevention and/or Mitigation in the Oil and Natural Gas Sector

                D.            Developing More Stable Metal Alloy Tubes for Use in High Temperature Processes

3.            Land Revitalization

                A.            Remediation of PFAS-Contaminated Soil and Sediment

4.            Homeland Security

                A.            Decontamination of Category A Viruses on Porous Surfaces and Sensitive Equipment

                B.            Packaging Materials for On-Site Fumigation and Transport of Category A Virus Contaminated Materials

5.            Manufacturing

                A.            Greener Manufacturing of Plastics

                B.            Greener Plastic Materials and Products

6.            Building Construction Materials

                A.            Greener Interior Construction Materials

                B.            Greener Exterior Construction Materials

For more information on the program please see the EPA SBIR website and program overview: