EMAP Clients Awarded P2/E2 Grants

EMAP Clients Awarded P2/E2 Grants

Nov 16, 2011

Six small businesses working with EMAP were recently awarded a total of $36,485 in DEP Small Business Advantage Grant funds to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs at their business.

A total of $293,889 in grant funds were awarded to 46 small businesses statewide.

One EMAP client receiving a $7,500 grant is Metcalf Trucking, a small business located in Carlisle, PA that operates tractor trailers for freight transportation. In order to reduce fuel consumption and comply with an increasing number of anti-idling laws, Metcalf Trucking will use the grant funds to help offset the cost of purchasing a Thermo King TriPac Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), which is an EPA Smartway verified technology, for two of their tractor trailers. This upgrade will reduce fuel usage during idling with an estimated annual savings of 2,340 gallons per truck. With diesel costs at $4.00 per gallon; that’s an annual savings of $9,360 per truck or $18,720 total. These upgrades will allow Metcalf Trucking to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 52 tons annually.

Another EMAP client, First General Services of Pen-Mar, located in Waynesboro, PA, received a $2,725 grant for a lighting upgrade. Following up on the recommendations from an energy assessment by the Small Business Devlopment Center’s EMAP program, they decided to replace the current, inefficient, T-12 and incandescent lighting systems with high efficiency T-8 lamps and ballasts and compact fluorescent lights (CFL). The upgrades will replace 51 T-12 fixtures with T-8 fixtures and 30 incandescent lights with CFLs; reducing electric consumption by 11,417 KWh; saving $1,050 annually.

Pennsylvania DEP's Small Business Advantage Grant Program is a 50 percent matching reimbursement grant program which provides small businesses with up to $7,500 for implementing projects which reduce energy, use fewer raw materials, and reduce pollution.

Since 2004 when the grant program started, DEP has invested $5.3 million in 1,451 small businesses.  EMAP clients have been fortunate to receive 281 grants for over $1.6 million in funds.

For more information, read the DEP Press Release.

DEP is currently accepting applications for the Small Business Storm Relief Grant Program. For more information, CLICK HERE.