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Resources for Industrial Hemp Operations

Friday December 6th 2019
EMAP has now created an environmental resource page for industrial hemp operations located in Pennsylvania.  Because hemp plants emit a type of VOC that often projects a stong odor, there are important environmental air quaility issues to consider...
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Proposed Regulations for Metal & Plastic Parts Surface Coating Processes

Friday February 28th 2014
Pennsylvania DEP is proposing new regulations intended to control VOC emissions from miscellaneous metal parts surface coating processes, miscellaneous plastic parts surface coating processes and pleasure craft surface coatings. The...
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Proposed Regulations for Industrial Cleaning Solvents

Thursday February 27th 2014
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is proposing new regulations based on the EPA September 2006 Control Techniques Guidelines (CTG) for Industrial Cleaning Solvents. The CTG is intended to cover all industrial cleaning...
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SelecTrim Corp Finds Success with Environmental Upgrades

Tuesday April 23rd 2013
Based in Williamsport, PA, James Wood started SelecTrim in 1977 as a small woodworking business. Strategically located in the heart of Pennsylvania hardwood country, the company is able to draw much of its resources from local forests. The...
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Training Workshop: EPA's Toxics Release Inventory

Tuesday April 23rd 2013
EMAP is co-sponsoring a workshop on EPA's Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) to help small businesses understand how the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) and Pollution Prevention Act (PPA) apply to them.  May 10, 20...
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EMAP launches special initiative to help drycleaners with compliance issues

Monday November 16th 2009
EMAP Recognizes Need for Additional Help with the Drycleaner Community In yet another example of how our services are helping businesses across Pennsylvania, EMAP has been working closely with a particular group of businesspeople,...
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Mercury-Free Thermostat Act now in effect

Monday June 1st 2009
The Mercury-Free Thermostat Act (Act No. 97 and House Bill 44) was signed into law on October 9, 2008, setting goals for collection, recycling, and phasing out of mercury thermostats. Highlights of the legislation that may affect small...
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