Pollution Prevention

Pollution is a drain to a firm's bottom line. Whether it's air emissions, wastewater discharges, or solid or hazardous wastes pollution is any waste resulting from inefficiencies in a firm's operations. EMAP can help small businesses use pollution prevention to improve their efficiency and save money.

Pollution prevention looks to the source of the pollution and attempts to eliminate the entire problem up front, rather than trying to control pollution after it has been created. This approach can involve:

  • Process and equipment changes
  • Recycling
  • Materials substitution
  • Product redesign
  • Operational improvements

A significant additional benefit of pollution prevention is that it can actually take your business beyond mere compliance, thus reducing or eliminating regulatory compliance challenges.


One way businesses and other organizations can minimize waste and avoid disposal costs is through Pennsylvania Material Trader, a free on-line service provided by EMAP. Material Trader helps businesses find markets for materials they have traditionally discarded, either individual items or ongoing waste streams. Click here to visit our Material Trader page, or simply visit www.materialtrader.org to post your unwanted materials and to view the materials listed by other businesses.