Climate Change

One of the most important and critical issues of our time has been the persistent global increase of temperatures which has created an increasingly complex set of difficulties and challenges.
While climate change has had an effect on different weather patterns, sea level rise, and the intenstity & number of storms, it has also had an effect on the availability of natural resources which has created unique challenges to our economy now and into the future.
Each and every one of us, including small businesses, can do our part to stop, reduce, or slow the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. 

Measure and Understand

Not sure where to start?  As a small business, it is important to first measure and understand your carbon footprint. Try and use one of the following tools to get a better idea of your small business operation's greenhouse gas and carbon footprint:

Make a Plan

Next, make an action plan for your small business to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases your operation is responsible for.  Using a tool such as ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager will help you benchmark your building and daily operations to get a better view and handle on things.