Food Manufacturers

Pennsylvania, also known as the “Snack Food Capital of the World,” generates $38.4 billion annually worth of manufactured food products, and there are plenty of opportunities for sustainability in food production.
Three important segments in food production to consider when increasing sustainability are operations, packaging, and waste – especially food waste. Explore energy efficient equipment, consider using recyclable packaging, and join a food waste initiative to increase sustainability in your small food production business.
  • dced food diagram
Source: PA Department of Community and Economic Development


Visit EPA’s site for Wasted Food Programs and Resources Across the United States to find out what your state and/or region is doing about wasted food prevention and diversion efforts.

Use EPA’s interactive Food Recovery Hierarchy to figure out best practices for food waste.

Explore the EPA Smart Steps to Sustainability 2.0, published by the EPA Small Business Office to help small businesses move beyond compliance and into sustainable practices.

Visit the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Green Business Guide or tips for Energy Efficiency.