Small Manufacturers

If you make something in Pennsylvania, you are very likely subject to environmental regulations. 

Environmental Checklist

Air Emissions

  • Are there or will there be air emissions from stacks and/or vents or other uncontrolled emissions?
  • Have you calculated your current or potential emissions?
  • If you are expanding your operation, have you looked at whether you will exceed your current permit limits and may need to amend or apply for a new permit?
  • Have you checked whether you need to register your boilers, generators or other fuel consumption equipment?


  • Will hazardous waste be generated?  If yes, will may need an EPA Identification Number?
  • Have you determined how much hazardous waste will be generated each month and determined your generator status?
  • Will non-hazardous industrial wastes (residual waste) be generated or reused?
  • Will wastes be stored on-site?  Is there proper containment?
  • How will wastes be transported for disposal?
  • Are you aware of recycling requirements for certain items, such as fluorescent bulbs and electronic waste?


  • Is drinking water provided for customers and employees from a well?
  • Is wastewater discharged to the sanitary sewer or other waterway?
  • Does wastewater need to be pre-treated prior to discharge?
  • Is a discharge permit required?
  • Do you have industrial activity which is potentially exposed to stormwater?

Storage Tanks

  • Will there be storage tanks on-site that need to be registered?
  • Are tank technical requirements satisfied? Do the tanks have a form of containment?

Hazardous Materials & Emergency Planning

  • Will hazardous substances and/or bulk compressed gases be used, manufactured, or held in storage?
  • Is the local fire department/emergency planning commission aware of chemical and explosive hazards at your facility?
  • Will you need a Risk Management Plan or other Emergency Response Plan?


  • Do you have all your permits before you begin construction?
  • Will soil erosion and sedimentation controls be in place during construction?
  • Have you incorporated green building techniques into renovations and new construction?


  • Have you considered incorporating efficient systems and equipment which use less energy and fewer raw materials?


Disclaimer:  The information in this list is provided as general information and is not provided nor intended to act as a substitute for legal advice or other professional services.