Technical Subcommittee

Overall Mission

• Provides a forum for state programs to discuss technical assistance and compliance issues related to air, water, and waste regulations that impact small businesses.

• Provides a forum for states to showcase their compliance and outreach tools for small business assistance.

• Comments on new or amended EPA rules in the interests of regulated small businesses.

• Works with EPA rule writers and OECA staff on new rule guidance and interpretation.

• Develops and coordinates technical breakout sessions for the annual training conference sponsored by U.S. EPA.


Over 10 proposed rule comment letters to U.S. EPA

• Assisted U.S. EPA or served as lead for developing FAQ guides for 6H, 6X, 6W and 7D NESHAP area source rules

• Commented on EPA’s OIAI Policy and Area Source Implementation Guidance

• Suggested several rules for SBA’s Regulatory Review and Reform (R3) Initiative that made their final Top 10 list of rules needing reform and small business regulatory relief.

Future Direction

The Technical Subcommittee will continue to follow the implementation of many area source NESHAPs and other rules as they are implemented and enforced.