We strive to keep our clients up-to-date with new regulations and energy efficiency topics, in newsletters and postcards or brochures.

Click on the links below for downloadable, printable versions of all of our materials.


2019 EMAP Brochure

An updated version of our standard brochure that provides a general overview of EMAP services for Pennsylvania small businesses.

EMAP Residual Waste Brochure

EMAP answers questions about residual waste regulations in Pennsylvania and what small businesses need to know.

Environmental Checklist for Small Manufacturers

If you make or plan to make something in Pennsylvania, this brochure will help you better understand and plan for potential regulatory requirements.

EMAP's Renewable Energy Technologies Brochure

We've provided an overview of renewable energy technologies to help you determine if one is right for your small business

EMAP Go Green: Building Blocks Brochure
By playing on the anacronym for EMAP, we've built a system of "blocks" to present how a business can go green

Air Quality Brochure
EMAP answers questions about air permits in Pennsylvania

AskEMAP Brochure
General overview of EMAP services for small businesses in Pennsylvania

EMAP's Pennsylvania Material Trader
EMAP's waste exchange allowing clients to provide or obtain materials that would otherwise be disposed of.

Environmental Considerations for New Businesses
Provides information and basic checklist of what people need to consider, from an environmental perspective, when starting, purchasing, or expanding a small business in Pennsylvania.

EMAP Information Card
A concise summary of EMAP's primary services

EMAP Rack Card

A quick overview of EMAP services.