Waste Exchange

In response to our clients' feedback, EMAP partners with IWasteNot to offer an on-line waste exchange to help clients with items to dispose of connect with clients that have need of those items.

Material Trader

The Pennsylvania Material Trader is a free, on-line waste exchange offered to help promote the exchange of reusable materials which have traditionally been discarded.

Operating under the premise that what may be “trash” to one company may be “treasure” to another, companies with surplus or by-product materials can use Material Trader to connect with other businesses or organizations who can reuse these materials productively.

Material Trader helps businesses reduce their disposal, purchasing and production costs.

Who should use Material Trader?

  1. Any business, industry, institution or organization seeking used items or feedstock materials, or
  2. Those same companies with surplus materials that are potentially reusable, but hold little to no value for them (ie overruns, seconds, outdated inventory, empty containers…)

How does it work?

To submit materials, simply register or log on to www.materialtrader.org, review the categories available, and create your listing accordingly. Searching for materials is even easier; browse or use the search function to find what you’re looking for.

Trades are handles directly between interested parties. Simply contact the person specified in the listing to make the necessary arrangements for pick-up and delivery.

Categories include:

Agricultural BY-Products, Ash, Chemicals, Construction & Demolition Materials, Computers & Electronics, Glass, Metal & Metal Sludges, Oils& Waxes, Paints & Coatings, Paper, Plastic & Rubber, Sand, Shipping Materials (drums, pallets, etc), Textiles, and Wood.