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Environmental Management Assistance Program

GPS Metals Selected for 2023 Small Business Environmental Stewardship Award

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GPS Metals, a small wholesale processor and broker of non-ferrous scrap metals from McKeesport, Pennsylvania, received the 2023 Small Business Environmental Stewardship Award.  This award showcases the accomplishments of a small business in the areas of improving environmental performance, pollution prevention, sustainability, and mentoring.

“With EMAP’s help we were able to preserve 7 full-time, good paying jobs with benefits, and continue to contribute to the community by recycling metal products in a responsible manner.”

GPS Metals worked with EMAP to obtain the necessary air quality permits from the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD), eliminate fugitive emissions from their wire chopping operation, then made modifications to eliminate and prevent stormwater runoff, and improved indoor air quality for their employees.  In addition, GPS Metals reclaims over 2,400 tons of metallic material annually which diverts this waste from going to a landfill.

Keith Schultz of GPS Metals had this to say about the award:

“Lee Ann Briggs from the University of Pittsburgh, SBDC, made an overwhelmingly complicated process reasonably simple to complete with her help.  She helped us navigate the permitting process with the ACHD, and made recommended best practices to be in, and maintain compliance with, DEP and ACHD regulations.  She made multiple site visits to monitor our progress and amend applications as necessary.  Without her help we would have had to expend much more time and effort to understand and navigate the process as we upgraded our dust control systems.  Invaluable asset to the process.  The fact that she nominated us for an award for our shared efforts was just a bonus validation for the steps we took.”

GPS Metals with their 2023 SBEAP Award. Pictured are Tim Nickerson (left), Keith Schultz (middle), and Kyle Schultz (right).
Jeremy Hancher is the EMAP Program Manager located at the Widener University SBDC.  He holds over 15 years of experience in environmental compliance, environmental policy, and program management.  He is proud to be the team lead of the award-winning EMAP program which provides free and confidential environmental assistance to the Pennsylvania small business community in fulfillment of the requirements of the Pennsylvania Air Pollution Control Act and Section 507 of the federal Clean Air Act.
In 2015, Jeremy was part of the team effort when EMAP was recognized by US EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy for Outstanding Accomplishments by a State Small Business Environmental Assistance Provider in Providing Technical Environmental Assistance to the Small Business Community. Jeremy holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh, a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and a certificate from the Wharton School.