We’re very happy to announce that we’re launching a fresh, new look for the AskEMAP website. Our primary goal was to improve the ability of our clients to find the information they were looking for, in a well-organized, user-friendly and attractive format. The new format streamlines our services and enhances our ability to educate our clients. The site does a much better job of making information easily accessible, with
  • logical top navigation on the home page guiding people to the information they want/need: who we are, how we can help with compliance energy efficiency questions; and
  • areas where we can highlight topics of special interest like funding, and “hot topics” like renewable energy . The front page also features success story teasers and News posts.
  • more logical and consistent layout of information throughout internal pages, allowing us to better present larger amounts of relevant information, call out helpful resources, incorporate images, and simplify the navigation for the reader. We’ve also enhanced the presence of our contact info and Waste Exchanges as well as provided more effective cross-referencing with state-wide services offered by the Pennsylvania SBDC.
There are a variety of new features:
  • There is now a true content-management-based search function for the site, to help clients find the exact topic they want, quickly.
  • Of particular note is the News section which now houses all of our EMAP in the News, Success Stories, News for Small Business, Press Releases, and EMAP in Action. This section can be searched by category, date, or relevant tags so clients or journalists can find stories based on topics they’re interested in.
  • We’ve added an RSS feed to the News section so journalists can opt to keep an eye on our latest and greatest, greatly enhancing the likelihood our stories will be published.
  • The updating/editing of this site is incredibly easy. While users won’t see that exactly, they will benefit from the increased speed with which information makes it onto the site, in a consistent and formulaic way across relevant sections.
Other behind-the-scenes enhancements have been made as well. The new site is optimized to make it easier for people coming from search engines like Google to find us. We’ve also taken great care to ensure that we’re adhering to current accessibility guidelines. As newer browsers are more standards-compliant, we recommend that you visit our site with a current browser, such as: Have more suggestions for improving the site? Let us know – we need your help in making askemap.org as informative and helpful as possible.