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Environmental Management Assistance Program

Quality Industrial Coatings Receives 2024 Small Business Environmental Stewardship Award

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Quality Industrial Coatings, a leading provider of automotive, truck, and RV painting and body repair services, has been honored with the 2024 Small Business Environmental Stewardship Award by the National Small Business Environmental Assistance Programs (SBEAPs). This prestigious recognition celebrates the company’s unwavering commitment to environmental excellence and sustainable business practices.

Founded in 1989 by President and Owner Steve Kaminstein, Quality Industrial Coatings has consistently demonstrated its dedication to reducing air quality emissions and enhancing the sustainability of its industrial coating division. With a team of 65 full-time employees and multiple shop and garage locations across Dallas, Kingston, Montoursville, Clarks Summit, and Courtdale, Pennsylvania, the company has made significant strides in environmental responsibility.

Environmental Management Assistance Program (EMAP), a specialized service offered by the Widener University Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), played a pivotal role in Quality Industrial Coatings’ journey toward environmental compliance and sustainable practices. EMAP, known for its free and confidential assistance, collaborated closely with the company to evaluate its performance against state-issued air quality permits. This comprehensive assessment included a thorough review of records, historical emission levels, and compliance with volatile organic compound (VOC) coating limits.

As Quality Industrial Coatings expanded its operations and experienced a surge in customer orders, VOC emissions became a critical challenge. The company proactively addressed this issue by implementing strategic changes:

  1. Transitioning to Low VOC Basecoats and Clear Coats: By adopting environmentally friendly coatings, Quality Industrial Coatings significantly reduced VOC emissions.
  2. Zero VOC Reducer: The company’s commitment to sustainability led to the adoption of a reducer with zero VOCs, minimizing environmental impact.
  3. Upgraded Paint Spray Nozzles: Precision spray nozzles were introduced to minimize overspray and coating consumption.
  4. Strategic Part Placement: By reconfiguring part placement, Quality Industrial Coatings further reduced overspray and coating usage.

These concerted efforts resulted in an impressive reduction of approximately 6.5 tons/year of VOC emissions. EMAP Environmental Consultant, Carrie Wintersteen, noted that, “I’ve worked with Steve Kaminstein, the owner, for several years on various projects and I can tell he really cares about his employees and his community. I am glad there is a way for a company like Quality Industrial Coatings to be recognized for reducing their emissions and their commitment to protecting the environment.”

Steve Kaminstein, the owner of Quality Industrial Coatings, stated, “I am grateful to the Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers for EMAP services. Without the help of this organization and the knowledge of Ms. Wintersteen, the requirements to be compliant with air quality would have been overwhelming.”

The National SBEAP Awards is a premier awards program for recognizing outstanding environmental leadership among small businesses and small business assistance providers. These awards recognize small businesses, SBEAP programs and individuals, trade associations, and other business assistance providers who have made significant contributions to protecting the environment. The awards program is sponsored in partnership with U.S. EPA Asbestos and Small Business Office.

For more information about Quality Industrial Coatings and their commitment to environmental stewardship, visit Quality Industrial Coatings.

Jeremy Hancher is the EMAP Program Manager located at the Widener University SBDC.  He holds over 15 years of experience in environmental compliance, environmental policy, and program management.  He is proud to be the team lead of the award-winning EMAP program which provides free and confidential environmental assistance to the Pennsylvania small business community in fulfillment of the requirements of the Pennsylvania Air Pollution Control Act and Section 507 of the federal Clean Air Act.
In 2015, Jeremy was part of the team effort when EMAP was recognized by US EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy for Outstanding Accomplishments by a State Small Business Environmental Assistance Provider in Providing Technical Environmental Assistance to the Small Business Community. Jeremy holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh, a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and a certificate from the Wharton School.