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Environmental Management Assistance Program

Working with EMAP

Our clients come from a broad range of small businesses across the state. We work with farmers, manufacturers, coffee shops, auto repair shops, restaurants, drycleaners – the list goes on and on. And whether the question is related to a regulatory concern (a question about a permit, for example), or about some new environmental topic or regulation, sources of environmental funding, or anything else, our conversations are always kept 100% confidential and our services are completely free of charge.

There are a variety of ways to get started. Our website provides background and resources related to many of the topics our small business clients are most interested in.

You can also call our toll-free hotline at (877) ASK-EMAP (275-3627) to speak with one of our consultants, send us an email at, or click on the green “Request Assistance” button on our website.

Depending on the depth of your question, we will either be able to help you right then and there, or, we will sign you on as a client of the Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center and arrange a time to speak with you in more detail.

How Do I Become a Client of the Pennsylvania SBDC?

It’s very easy. Fill out this short form. Someone will be in touch within 2 business days.

Becoming an EMAP Client

When you and your small business become an EMAP client there will absolutely be no hidden charges or service fees to render EMAP services.  All EMAP services are provided through support from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), and our host university institutions (Widener University, University of Pittsburgh, Shippensburg University).

As a client of EMAP and the Pennsylvania SBDC, you will have access to the full spectrum of state-wide resources including assistance, guidance, recommendations and education, but ultimately, you are your own best advocate and will get the most out of the service if you’re a true partner; engaged, responsive and motivated.

For example, you will likely be asked to provide some background including documents we’ll ask you to gather and send to us in a timely fashion. We will have ongoing questions and will need you to simply be available to answer them.

Please review the full Client Rights & Responsibilities before continuing on to become a client of the Pennsylvania SBDC and EMAP.

Shared Responsibility

Our consulting engagements are a shared responsibility between the client and the SBDC.  Our EMAP consultant will provide an engagement letter which includes:

An agreed upon scope of work
(tasks we will complete, such as helping you complete a Request for Determination form or setting up a recordkeeping system)
A list of additional information we need to complete the work
(such as facility information, paint types and usage, MSDS information, etc.)
A timeline for completing the work.
Jeremy Hancher is the EMAP Program Manager located at the Widener University SBDC.  He holds over 15 years of experience in environmental compliance, environmental policy, and program management.  He is proud to be the team lead of the award-winning EMAP program which provides free and confidential environmental assistance to the Pennsylvania small business community in fulfillment of the requirements of the Pennsylvania Air Pollution Control Act and Section 507 of the federal Clean Air Act.
In 2015, Jeremy was part of the team effort when EMAP was recognized by US EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy for Outstanding Accomplishments by a State Small Business Environmental Assistance Provider in Providing Technical Environmental Assistance to the Small Business Community. Jeremy holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh, a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and a certificate from the Wharton School.